Mersey Street Primary School

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Historic Building Restoration/Housing

Connswater Homes

Build Only

Mersey Street Primary School is a Grade B Listed Building situated in the heart of East Belfast.

Traditionally an educational hub for the young children of the Harland and Wolf ship workers, the school sadly closed in 2006 because of dwindling numbers. In recent times the building was purchased by Connswater Homes to be converted into residential units.

The Grade B listed building facade could not be significantly altered, that left a potentially difficult and challenging project.

Connolly & Fee and the Client team worked together to overcome these challenges, delivering sympathetic design & construction and the outturn was a beautiful, functional residential complex.

The school now houses 30 two-bedroom apartments opening onto a tree-lined central courtyard, reminiscent of the former playground.

‘Heading back to your old school – full of fond memories of some of the most influential moments of your life. But what if you headed back to your school every evening? What if you lived in your old maths classroom? That’s exactly what a host of people are now doing in east Belfast.’

BBC Journalist