Bayview Terrace

Derry, Northern Ireland


Habinteg Housing

Build (with Contractor designed elements)

Bayview Terrace Apartments saw the delivery of a high spec 5-storey apartment block for Habinteg Housing on a confined, city centre site in Derry.

Bayview Terrace was once described as a ‘mouth with a missing tooth’ – this development was the metaphorical dental treatment that the street needed with the gap now filled.

The 14 apartments within the development, provide much needed social accommodation for residents with low running costs and optimum comfort. End user needs were at the heart of project delivery.

The scheme was subject to an initial/ongoing consultation with Habinteg and other stakeholders. The new building is filled with soft colour and lighting condusive to a tranquil, happy living environment.

Communal spaces are constructed to maximise sound absorption and minimise energy usage with insulation, sensor lighting, self-closing doors and more. The internal layout and fit-out of the apartments gives consideration to resident feedback and early user consultation.

The exterior of ther building is designed to enhance and fit seamlessly into the existing environment. At planning application stage the scheme attracted significant positive political interest.  Speaking at a planning meeting, the SDLP’s John Boyle welcomed the application, saying it was ‘important to fill in’ this brown field site. ‘It looks like a mouth with a missing tooth,’ Cllr Boyle said. Sinn Fein councillor Patricia Logue also welcomed Habinteg’s proposal, adding it would ‘close up the gap’ between buildings on the street.