Victoria Square Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland


Ulster Garden Villages

Victoria Square is a high-end, prestigious Belfast City Centre shopping mall & residential complex. Situated within a high value commercial area it has neighbouring businesses, residential properties & major roads infrastructure.

Victoria Square was successfully delivered to a high standard under an NEC Contract, without disruption to local function, on time & budget Complexities.

We were appointed in our capacity as Main Contractor to deliver the following refurbishment and upgrade works:

  • Replacement of insulation, waterproofing
  • Sourcing, selection, co-ordination & precision installation of all work elements
  • Mechanical & Electrical Works
  • Internal repairs – decanting of tenants, boiler replacement, plastering, repainting & complete fit-out. Delivery was done on a fast-tracked program, facilitating complete decanting and renovation, clean up & tenant re-entry of apartments within a fortnight. Each week we took a block of 4 apartments for turnaround.